Virginia White

Greetings from Family Solutions of the Low Country!

I joined the staff of Family Solutions of the Low Country (FSLC), March 1998 and from then until now, the program has served thousands of families. FSLC is a proven, effective program and we are making a great impact in reducing infant deaths within the low country region of South Carolina. Our program is a positive influence in the lives of women, children and families. The services we provide empower and help strengthen families. During these economically stressful times, families living in our service areas are  deeply wounded and vulnerable. Poverty rates and unemployment rates within our service areas most times exceed the rates in all other counties throughout South Carolina. Because of this, we at FSLC diligently focus on our program’s purpose, helping to ensure that every high risk pregnant woman and her infant has equal access to the health care delivery system and receives risk appropriate care. We are continuing to forge ahead in maintaining and developing strong partnerships with entities such as local and state government, businesses, schools, agencies, providers, grassroots organizations, and the faith community. Every child deserves a healthy start.

Virginia Berry White, LMSW